Using ObservableHQ to experiment with literate programming.

Unearthing some old tweet to share with you today:

Observable HQ

a magic notebook for visualization.

Check the introduction for yourself: it is something that you need to manipulate to better understand (a.k.a. Kinesthetic learning).

You may have noticed from previous posts that Iโ€™m really fond of the Fun Fun Function YouTube channel.

Inspired by MPJ, I tried to use the ObservableHQ website to do some kind of literate programming or expressive playground: combining code with text in a readable form.

Here is the result of this experiment from October, 18th of 2018.

Using JavaScript Generators to create a time-traveling visualization of an algorithm

Link to this Observable notebook.

I will try to embed it directly here, but for now, youโ€™ll have to visit the link above.


Wow, that was a quick post. Unless you read the Notebook linked, that is.

As always, I learned a ton on the way and ended up with nice executable documentation for a concept helping me visualize how algorithm work.

I hope you too learned a few things.

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